How to Check a Solenoid?

Answer Few things are more frustrating than turning the key to start your car and finding that nothing happens. Many car owners first think of a possible dead battery, but there are actually a couple of o... Read More »

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How to Check a Starter Solenoid?

When a vehicle's starter solenoid fails, a variety of problems can result--most notably the engine does not crank or is slow in cranking. Other problems include failure of the starter motor to dise... Read More »

What Is an EGR Solenoid?

An exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) solenoid is part of a motor vehicle which regulates when engine vacuums should or should not turn on by controlling how much the EGR valve opens. It ensures the e... Read More »

What is a solenoid?

A solenoid, also called a solenoid coil, is a very useful device for engineers and scientists who are studying magnetic fields. Solenoids are magnets that can easily be made at home.Solenoid CoilA ... Read More »

What Is an IAC Solenoid?

Idle speed refers to an engine's rotational speed when the throttle pedal is not depressed and the engine is uncoupled to the drivetrain. The Idle Air Control solenoid helps regulate idle speed.