How to Check a Magnetic Switch in a GE Washer?

Answer GE Appliances is a division of the General Electric Company that manufactures appliances for residential customers. GE washing machines feature a safety component, known as a lid switch, that preve... Read More »

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How to Check to See if a GE Washer Lid Switch Is Bad?

When the mechanical lid switch on a GE washing machine is defective or broken, the washer will often fail to spin or might not work at all. This is because the lid must be closed completely in orde... Read More »

What Is a Magnetic Switch?

A magnetic switch is just like a light switch: it turns a circuit on or off depending on what position the arm of the switch is in. The only difference is that a magnetic switch is operated by a ma... Read More »

How to Check Brake Rotors With a Magnetic Dial Indicator?

The disk brakes on today's automobiles are very effective and reliable. From time to time, however, problems can occur. One such problem is a brake judder. This is a vibration in the brakes that is... Read More »

How to Jump a Lid Switch for a Kenmore Washer?

Servicing your Kenmore washer yourself saves money, especially if the unit is out of warranty. The best way to test various components is with a multimeter. It is possible to test some parts withou... Read More »