How to Check a Keylogger?

Answer Keyloggers are programs designed to record all keyboard activity on a computer. While some keylogging programs are legitimately used, such as in office environments, the term is most commonly assoc... Read More »

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Dude a keylogger is not illegal at all. I play pranks on my friends with that all the time! Its really funny plus you can find out peoples passwords to myspace and stuff! Oh well ou can see what yo... Read More »

How to Get Rid of PDM Keylogger?

PDM Keylogger is a fake threat generated by the Data Protection rogue "anti-virus" program. Data Protection installs itself onto your computer and launches pop-up warnings that say "Warning Keylogg... Read More »

Did i get a keylogger?

no you are safe if you did not download anything.

Sys keylogger pro?

That keylogger can see whatever your typing like credit card numbers. Passwords... What you need to do is scan and it should pop up in an anti-virus and delete it or go to start>search>files or fol... Read More »