How to Check a Faulty Egr?

Answer The EGR, or exhaust gas re-circulation, valve is a key part of your vehicles exhaust system. The EGR valve is responsible for making your vehicle run efficiently by optimizing fuel intake. The EGR ... Read More »

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How to Check If Ethernet Cable Is Faulty?

Ethernet cables decay and can have performance issues, just like any other form of hardware. These cables carry traffic to the Internet or a local network. Testing the cables for damage or other is... Read More »

Why do they always check for faulty points AFTER a train crash in the UK?

- trains - if Rail-track were doing their job properly then this accident would not have happened. I am impressed with Richard Branson's trains - Italian - most trains that derail the death rate i... Read More »

If my printer is not following instructions, is it faulty or is the computer or program faulty?

That depends on the computer program you are using and how it relates to the physical printer. Make sure that you have the option in the printer preferences set to print in duplex mode.

Is my RAM faulty?

Every now and again domonic,you will unfortunately purchase a "dud" memory module through no fault of your own certain modules are just corrupt,this may be due to bad production and manufactu... Read More »