How to Check a Delphi Car Battery?

Answer Delphi is one of three major automotive battery manufactures. Delphi not only sells batteries under its own label, but also ACDelco and EverStart. It's smart to check your Delphi battery's voltage ... Read More »

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What is the origin of the name Delphi?

The name Delphi is primarily associated with the sacred site of the Oracle of Apollo in Greece. It originates from the Greek word "delphis" meaning both "womb" and "dolphin." In the story of Delphi... Read More »

Delphi MAP Sensor Specifications?

Delphi manufactures sensors that provide readings for the manifold absolute pressure, or MAP, in different types of engines. The medium pressure sensor and MAP/MAT sensor by Delphi are designed to ... Read More »

How to integrate a barcode Scanner into Delphi 7?

In reality, you're talking about hardware interfacing, which is normally done via a port on the PC (COM/USB or Parrallel). I suggest you examine the hardware of the bardcode scanner (device) you wa... Read More »

How to use excel splash screen on delphi 7?

There are several ways that this could be handled.One way by using the Screen Print function to capture the "splash screen" when it appears, then paste and save that as a graphic image file. From ... Read More »