How to Check a Cat's Temperature?

Answer Several signs may indicate that a cat has a temperature. Cats often lose their appetite, become lethargic and have hot ears when their body temperature is elevated. However, these signs can also in... Read More »

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How to Check for Ear Mites in Cats?

Ear mites are a common affliction of cats, indoors or outdoors. These mites not only annoy a cat and causing itching and pain, but can damage the ear if the mites aren't killed. You can relieve you... Read More »

How to Check Cats for Dehydration?

Dehydration is an imbalance of electrolytes and water. While harmful to people, it is potentially life threatening to cats. Cats are made up of about 80 percent water. When that number falls, dehyd... Read More »

How to Check Cats for Ear Mites?

Ear mites are parasites and, if ignored, they can result in a cat's ear becoming infected and inflamed. Serious cases can lead to hearing loss, ear drum rupture and even infestation to other parts ... Read More »

How to Check Cats for Worms?

Many domestic cats, whether they live inside or outdoors, are prone to getting intestinal parasites, also known as worms. The 3 most common types of worms seen in cats are tapeworms, roundworms and... Read More »