How to Check a Briggs Condenser?

Answer Briggs condensers, more commonly referred to as Briggs and Stratton condenser coils, store a high-voltage electric charge that is delivered to a spark plug. They are used on small engines, such as ... Read More »

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What is a condenser on a microscope?

The condenser, located beneath the stage of the light microscope, is part of the optical train of the microscope. The principal function of the condenser is to gather the light from the microscope'... Read More »

How do I clean an ac condenser?

Shut off the PowerTurn off the power to the AC unit. A power box is usually located on a wall above the unit. Cut any weeds or tall grass around the AC unit using a weed eater or grass shears.Vacuu... Read More »

What Does a Condenser Do for an Alternator?

Alternators produce an electrical field that can interfere with radio reception. An alternator condenser corrects this problem. Automobile alternators are necessary to recharge the car battery and ... Read More »

How to Replace an AC Condenser?

A condenser is the first component in a motor vehicle's air conditioning (AC) system. The condenser removes the heat and liquefies the gas before it passes into the evaporator core. Dirt, debris or... Read More »