How to Check a Battery Drain on Your Car?

Answer Battery drain can be explained as one or more of the devices or systems in a car malfunctioning by pulling charge from the car battery when the engine is not running, instead of only when the engin... Read More »

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How to Check Auto Battery Drain?

Battery drain in an automobile occurs when current is being drawn from the battery when the vehicle is turned off and not being used. Certain devices like the car's computer or the clock will are d... Read More »

How to Check a Battery Drain From an Alternator?

The battery is responsible for powering the electrical system of your vehicle. The alternator is responsible for recharging the battery as, otherwise, it would die rather quickly trying to power ev... Read More »

Things That Drain the Car Battery?

Few situations are quite as frustrating as when you hop into your car and turn the ignition key, yet nothing happens because the car battery is drained of its charge. In general, this situation is ... Read More »

Can an alternator drain a battery?

One of the functions of an alternator is to recharge the car battery. If the alternator malfunctions, it may not do this. So it is not a matter of the alternator “draining” the battery, but rat... Read More »