How to Check a 12 Volt Battery?

Answer Automobile batteries are essential to the automotive electrical system. Batteries provide the startup electrical power, and serve as the grounding source in the electrical system, therefore it is i... Read More »

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How to Check a 12 Volt Battery Gauge?

The battery gauge in your car tells you what the voltage is of the battery that starts your vehicle. The battery in your car is a 12-volt battery, which contrary to its name, can run from 10-14 vol... Read More »

How to Check a Car Battery With a Volt Meter?

Check a car battery with a volt meter whenever a car has problems starting or keeping electrical systems functioning. Most electrical short-falls in a car motor can be traced to the battery or the ... Read More »

How to Check the Water Level on a 12-Volt Battery?

Most lead acid batteries are now of the sealed, maintenance-free variety and require little servicing beyond a periodic cleaning and inspection. Older lead acid batteries often have plastic caps on... Read More »

How to Check Voltage Loss on a 12-Volt DC Battery?

Twelve-volt batteries are used in automotive, marine and "off-the-grid" electrical applications. Most 12-volt batteries are lead-acid secondary cells and can provide high electrical current for a s... Read More »