How to Check Your Writing?

Answer There is more to writing an excellent essay or report than simply understanding the topic and composing a thoughtful, meaningful piece. Even the greatest writers must check their writing for errors... Read More »

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How to Check If You Passed Your Entry Level Writing Requirement for UCLA?

Prospective students at the University of California, Los Angeles must verify that they meet the school's entry level writing requirement before they can be enrolled at the school. This requirement... Read More »

Is writing a bad check illegal?

Writing a bad check is illegal. People can go to jail or pay a fine for writing bad checks. Jail time and fines vary by state. Individuals also cannot pay with checks at businesses where they have ... Read More »

Can you go to jail for writing a bad check?

As of 2009, each state has its own laws regarding bad checks. However, the practice of writing a check with insufficient funds is illegal in all 50 of the United States. The writer of the check can... Read More »

Consequences of Writing a Bad Check?

When a consumer writes a check, the check represents a promise to pay for goods or services purchased. If the bank returns that check for some reason, the consumer may face a barrage of penalties f... Read More »