How to Check Your Own Work References?

Answer Former employers who provide negative or unenthusiastic references can damage your chances of getting a new job. While you typically provide references whom you know will talk about you in a positi... Read More »

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How Far Back Can Employers Check References?

When you apply for a new job, you will submit a resume or application that will have a variety of references that can be investigated by a prospective employer: educational, work, personal and prof... Read More »

How to Write Work References?

People often provide reference letters in addition to an employment application when applying for a job. A letter of reference confirms a person's qualifications and skills. When you write a work r... Read More »

Do you have to get work done to your vehicle after your insurance company sends you a check?

AnswerNo, you do not have to repair the vehicle. The first assumption I will make to answer your question is that you are the 'claimant' meaning your company is not paying for the damage the 'other... Read More »

How to Check Your Work Voice Mail From Home?

The ability to access voice mail can be extremely important for busy individuals. Voice mail is available to check from land lines and cell phones using the access number provided by the carrier. I... Read More »