How to Check Your Computer's Memory?

Answer Hard driveIn this How-To you will learn how to check your computer's memory, how much left you have out of your total memory, and how much you started with.

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What is the maximum memory for 64 bit computers?

2^64 = 16 EiB = 4 GiB * 4 GiB.16 EiB / 16 GiB = 1 GiB, so it would take over 1 Billion 16 GiB memory sticks to fully use a 64 bit address space.1 GiB = 1,073,741,824.Not sure how you would fit them... Read More »

Will most computers work with PC100 ECC memory?

On One Hand: High Reliability for ServersECC memory is a special type of RAM that transmits data without error. Because it is considerably more expensive than standard memory and requires a specia... Read More »

Will more PC memory make computers run faster?

More PC (personal computer) memory will help make a computer run faster. Personal computer memory is referred to as RAM (random access memory). The more random access memory a personal computer has... Read More »

Does DDR2 Memory Work in DDR Computers?

DDR2 memory cannot be used in a computer that uses DDR memory, as DDR2-SDRAM and DDR-SDRAM are not compatible. The two types of memory modules are "keyed" with a small notch at the bottom. The notc... Read More »