How to Check Your Air Flow Meter?

Answer The air flow meter, or mass air flow sensor, measures the amount of air traveling through the air intake system. Since this air will eventually make its way into the engine's combustion chamber, th... Read More »

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How to Read an Airlife Asthma Check Peak Flow Meter?

Peak flow meters measure peak expiratory flow of air from an asthmatic's lungs. According to Web MD, peak flow meters can be used in the short term to diagnose oncoming asthma symptoms, as well as ... Read More »

How often do electric companies check your meter?

Electric utility companies generally read residential electrical meters monthly for billing purposes. A comprehensive inspection of the meter is typically not performed unless an apparent problem i... Read More »

How to Use a Peak Flow Meter?

A peak flow meter is used as a self management plan for asthma control. It is usually prescribed by your medical provider to help monitor your medical condition. The peak flow meter can also help d... Read More »

Air Flow Meter Theory?

The accurate measurement of air flow is an important factor in controlling many processes that affect our daily lives. In vehicles with electronic fuel injection, or oil or gas fired home heaters, ... Read More »