How to Check Worn Shock Absorbers?

Answer Shock absorbers are part of a vehicle's suspension system. Although shock absorbers do not carry any weight, they dampen the action of the up-and-down action of the springs, wheels, and axle assemb... Read More »

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How do i check worn shock absorbers?

Bounce TestPark the car on a level surface. Press down firmly on one corner of the car. As the car bounces up, it should go above the starting point and back to the original position with one bounc... Read More »

How to Check Shock Absorbers?

Shocks take a beating on a vehicle's suspension. They dampen the impact from the road while maintaining the stability and weight of the vehicle. Coil springs or leaf springs assist the shocks, but ... Read More »

How to Check Shock Absorbers or MacPherson Struts in a VW Beetle?

The MacPherson strut suspension system in your Volkswagen Beetle is composed of coil springs and dampening shocks. The struts are designed to lessen the impact of bumps, thereby providing a smooth... Read More »

How to Check Shock Absorbers or Macpherson Struts in a Geo Metro?

If your Geo Metro seems to be bouncing down the road a little more than before, it's time to check out the shocks and struts to make sure that everything is working properly. Your Geo uses a Macphe... Read More »