How to Check Whether You Are Running a 32 Bit or a 64 Bit Edition of Windows?

Answer Some times you might wondering which edition of windows you are using, whether it is a 32-bit version or 64-bit version, To do this open System Information Msinfo32.exe, and check the value for Sys... Read More »

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How to Fix a Slow-Running Windows XP Home Edition With SP2?

With Windows XP Service Pack 2, the operating system had never had more functionality than at that point. Like any other operating system, over time Windows XP, even with Service Pack 2, will slow ... Read More »

How do you do a system recovery on a computer running Windows XP Home edition without a disk?

Of course, if by screwed you mean the disk is physically damaged, you won't get anywhere. But if it just a question of a scrambled drive software wise, the other tricks about a restore partition sh... Read More »

How to Check if IIS is Running on a Windows 2000 Server?

The IIS (Internet Information Service) in the Windows 2000 Server program is a web-based service used for hosting and managing websites. Checking to see if this service is enabled on your Windows 2... Read More »

Is there a way to check the printer access control permissions (ACL's) on a Windows XP Home edition printer?

There are several web pages with quite a bit of information on this topic. A quick Google search using the following keywords will make those web pages available to you: printer access control p... Read More »