How to Check What Year Your Tires Were Made?

Answer Since 2000, the Department of Transportation (DOT) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) have mandated manufacturing dates on all tires. Because the rubber composition of a... Read More »

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How many tires are made each year?

The amount of tires that are produced each year is well into to the billions. North America alone get more than 250 million tires each year that are scrapped. There are more then 3 billion scrapped... Read More »

How to Check and Add Air to Car Tires?

Keeping your tires at their recommended pressure will increase their life span, improve your car's gas mileage and give you a smoother ride.

How to Check Your Tires' Age?

You can check the age of your car's tires by locating the serial number on the tires and decoding it. Tires that have been manufactured since 2000 have the year and week of manufacture as the last ... Read More »

How to Check Air Pressure in Tires?

Inaccurate pressure can cause poor mileage, uneven tire wear, or a tire blow-out. To prevent these events from happening it is important to maintain proper tire pressure.