How to Check U Joints?

Answer The universal joint is a coupling that connects two shafts and allows movement in all directions. This freedom of movement allows the drive shaft to move up and down as the car passes over bumps. M... Read More »

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How to Check CV Joints?

A CV (constant velocity) joint is a drive shaft that is attached to the transmission on one end and to the wheel on the other end. The transmission turns the CV joint when engaged, which turns the ... Read More »

How to Check the U-Joints on a Frontier?

Universal joints, or u-joints, on the drive shafts of a Nissan Frontier are susceptible to failure, and the company has launched an investigation. The drive shafts and u-joints have been an anomalo... Read More »

How to Check Ball Joints?

Ball joints are used to connect car's suspension system to control arms and steering knuckles. Ball joints allow your suspension system to move while the vehicle is steered. The number and location... Read More »

How to Check Tie Rod Ball Joints?

Tie rods are the direct link between the steering gearbox or rack-and-pinion unit and the wheel. On a vehicle with conventional steering, the tie rod ends are connected in the middle by an adjustab... Read More »