How to Check That a String Contains Arabic Characters Using C?

Answer Sometimes your application may need to know if a string contains Arabic characters for example if you create an application that sends SMS messages, you need to know the language of the message to ... Read More »

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How do you check a php string for a certain string of characters?

if(strpos($title,"string looking for") !== false) {//some code}Note #1: the reason I use !== instead of != is because we want the code to execute if the string position is 0.Note #2: if you don't c... Read More »

How to Encode Arabic Characters?

Computers worldwide use Unicode as a standardized system for data transfer. All Unicode system characters utilize a specific identifying number, and nearly all symbols and characters that are part ... Read More »

What Characters Can Be Used in a PHP String?

The PHP language is used to embed interactive elements in HTML web pages. PHP has an extensive text processing library and is capable of displaying many types of characters, which are stored in dat... Read More »

SQL for Removing Characters in a String?

The SQL Server query language lets you insert and remove characters from a string variable. Removing characters from a string is commonly used to "scrub" data to make it more streamlined for report... Read More »