How to Check Spark Plug Firing?

Answer Testing spark plugs can help you determine the condition of your ignition system. If your engine is running roughly, skipping or missing, a great place to start is the spark plugs and wires. Testin... Read More »

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How to Put Spark Plug Wires in the Correct Firing Order?

Changing spark plugs requires more than just the ability to pull each one out and put a new one in the empty space. It is essential that they are rewired correctly before the engine is started. The... Read More »

How to Check a Spark Plug Gap?

All gasoline engines use a spark plug. The spark plug conducts a high-voltage electrical signal from a control device. This high-voltage electrical spark ignites the fuel inside the engine. The gap... Read More »

How to Check Spark Plug Wires?

It is very important to make spark plug wires part of your car inspection and maintenance schedule. The insulation and conductor inside the wires wear down due to high engine temperatures and const... Read More »

How to Check a Car's Spark Plug Wires?

Part of car overhaul and car maintenance is checking your car's spark plug wires. These cables connect the spark plug to the distributor. You must check them every year and replace or clean them as... Read More »