How to Check Rotors?

Answer The condition of the brake rotors on your car is just as important as the condition of the brake pads. If the rotors are not in good condition, they are likely to fail, and you will have a difficul... Read More »

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How to Check Rotors for Warping?

Brake rotors are made of cast iron that is designed to withstand great amounts of stress and heat. However, brake rotors may become warped and if not promptly replaced can cause further damage and ... Read More »

How to Check for Warped Brake Rotors?

One of the most vital components of your vehicle's braking system is its rotors. When you apply the brake pedal, you effectively engage a hydraulic system that compresses the vehicle's brake pads a... Read More »

How to Check Brake Rotors With a Magnetic Dial Indicator?

The disk brakes on today's automobiles are very effective and reliable. From time to time, however, problems can occur. One such problem is a brake judder. This is a vibration in the brakes that is... Read More »

The Advantages of Drilled Slotted Brake Rotors Over Regular Rotors?

Every time you get in the car, you trust your life to the quality of your brakes. Every time you brake, heat and gas builds up between the rotors and the pads. This heat slows down your braking and... Read More »