How to Check Programs Running at Start Up?

Answer You may notice that a certain program is always open and running whenever you start up your computer. This is because that particular program is inside the Startup Menu that is in your computer's o... Read More »

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Too many programs running at start up?

Yeah, you can run MSCONFIG, but you may have other problems that are slowing your computer way down.The best thing to do is have a professional look at your system and see if there are any malware ... Read More »

How Do I Check Start Up Programs on a Computer?

Click "Start." If you are using Windows XP, click "Run," and then type "msconfig" and hit "Enter." If using Windows Vista or Windows 7, type "msconfig" in the search window and click on the search ... Read More »

How do I Check for Needless Start Up Programs in the System Information?

Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 come with a system tool called System Information which you can use find out all kinds of details about your system in both hardware and software perspectiv... Read More »

How do i see what programs are running.?