How to Check Power Steering?

Answer It is of the utmost importance to periodically check a vehicle's power steering system, as this system is vital to the safe operation of the vehicle. The power steering system utilizes specially fo... Read More »

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How to Check and Add Power-Steering Fluid?

Check the power-steering fluid when you check the other fluids under the hood. You don't want to let a leak go undetected. Small leaks usually turn into large ones over time.

How to Check Car Power Steering Fluid?

Your car's power steering system is a hydraulic pressure assist system that helps to turn the wheels when you turn the steering wheel inside your car. The power steering fluid is contained in a res... Read More »

How to Check the Power Steering Fluid on a 420 SEL?

Rarely does the power steering reservoir need scheduled maintenance. A good rule of thumb is to replace power steering fluid every two to three years and check the level of power steering fluid at ... Read More »

How to Check and Add Power Steering Fluid?

All but the smallest cars have a hydraulic power-steering system that enables the driver to turn the steering wheel without a great deal of effort. The power-steering system consists of several ite... Read More »