How to Check PSI Level on a Peerless Gas Boiler by Honeywell?

Answer Peerless oil and gas-fired boilers are used to heat water for home use. While not made by Honeywell, they may have Honeywell parts, such as thermostats. Safe boiler operation depends on the unit op... Read More »

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Peerless boiler has low hot water pressure?

If its 1 that's on your wall then there should be a little black tap underneith if u turn this slightly till u can hear watter comeing through. Keep this open till the dial on fron of the heater th... Read More »

The Minimum Water Level in the Boiler Sight Glass?

Boilers need the correct amount of water to work correctly. If the minimum amount of water isn’t showing in the sight glass on the unit, you aren’t going to get the heat you expect from the boi... Read More »

How do I use a laser level to check a floor level?

Position the lase level in one corner.The laser beam should project along the bottom of the wall parallel to the floor. Using a tape measure, measure from the floor up to the laser beam. Repeat th... Read More »

Can a boiler operator leave the boiler room?

On One Hand: Boiler Operators Cannot LeaveDue to safety concerns, a boiler operator is not allowed to leave the boiler room while on duty. According to the Massachusetts Executive Office of Public ... Read More »