How to Check Modem Connection Speeds?

Answer Using any number of free online speed tests, you can determine your Internet connection's download and upload speeds. During a speed test, a small file is (temporarily) downloaded and then uploaded... Read More »

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Cable Modem Speeds?

Cable modems will not offer the full speed always, however if you're getting a speed that low, then there may be an issue. You could try simply removing the power cord from your modem for a few mi... Read More »

Modem/Router Questions, Ethernet Speeds, and Apple vs the Rest.?

you router isnt theoretically 300 mbps it is 300 the laptop your on is only receiving on 802.11G instead on 802.11N which is the 300 mbps.The gig ether is attractive but if your using it only for w... Read More »

Restarting my modem makes my DL speeds faster but it doesnt last?

When this happens you need to purchase a new router/modem. If you run a wired connection and test it, then it will be your modem. If you run a wireless connection, then it will be your router. This... Read More »

Internet connection speeds increasing?

It seems that the US is behind practically every other country in the world in terms of internet speed / cost. Verizon FIOS (fiber optic) offers speeds of up to 50Mbps down, 20Mbps up for $140 / mo... Read More »