How to Check LCD Screen Brightness?

Answer Liquid Crystal Display, or LCD, technology is used on many laptop and desktop computers. These screens provide crisp high-definition displays, and they are increasingly affordable as manufacturers ... Read More »

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Which is the best 3D TV in terms of screen brightness?

I have read in a newspaper that LG has recently launched its Cinema 3DTV in-built with new FPR technology which delivers the brighter and clearer 3D images. The embedded FPR technology causes the p... Read More »

How to Adjust Your iPod's Screen Brightness?

When you purchase an iPod, it comes with many default settings, including your screen brightness. You, however, can adjust your screen brightness. Whether you cannot see your screen, you want to sa... Read More »

Can you adjust the brightness of the LCD screen on the Nikon D40?

yes you can... you just have to go to settings and then brightness, then you can adjust it to be darker or lighter...whatever floats your boat

How do I change a computer screen's brightness?

Desktop MonitorLook for a button, or several, usually located on the front or bottom of the monitor. If there is one button, press on the sides of the button to go up and down and make changes. If ... Read More »