How to Check Hydraulic Fluid?

Answer Vehicles use hydraulic fluid for the brakes and clutch for manual transmissions. When checking hydraulic fluid, check the amount of fluid along, with the boiling point and amount of water it contai... Read More »

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How to Check the Fluid for a Hydraulic Clutch in Your Car?

Cars with manual transmissions (stick shift) use either hydraulics (which uses fluid) or a cable to connect your clutch pedal to the transmission. If your car has a hydraulic clutch, the fluid must... Read More »

How to Check the Hydraulic Fluid Levels in a Car Jack?

Hydraulic jacks are manufactured in many different sizes to accommodate lifting everything from a compact car to a large truck or trailer. No matter what the lifting capacity of the jack is, all hy... Read More »

How do I Check the Hydraulic Fluid in a Kubota B7800 Tractor?

The Kubota B7800 tractor uses hydraulics to operate, so it is necessary for you to maintain the hydraulic fluid at the proper level. You can check the level of the hydraulic fluid by looking into t... Read More »

How Do I Check Hydraulic Fluid on a Massey Ferguson 1220 Tractor?

The Massey Ferguson 1220 is a small, 20-horsepower tractor used for many small jobs. It includes a hydraulic system for an optional loader, and a three-point hitch; the latter is used for raising ... Read More »