How to Check Honda Oxygen Sensors?

Answer Oxygen sensors are an integral part of the engine of Honda cars. Not only do oxygen sensors improve gas mileage, but they also decrease pollution and conserve fuel by making the car run efficiently... Read More »

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How many oxygen sensors does a 99 Honda have?

A 1999 Honda has two oxygen sensors. The first sensor is located near the No. 1 cylinder head near the Honda's radiator. The second oxygen sensor is located behind the catalytic converter on the ex... Read More »

How to Locate Oxygen Sensors in a Honda?

The engine of a typical Honda has at least one oxygen sensor, which is used to help diagnose the engine. The ECU (engine control unit) takes information from the sensor and uses it to adjust and co... Read More »

How to Check BMW E39 Oxygen Sensors?

The BMW E39 was the basis of the 5 series. It was manufactured in 1995 and introduced to the United States in 1997, running its tenure until 2004 when the BMW E60/E61 succeeded it. Dual manifolds f... Read More »

How to Remove the Oxygen Sensors from a Honda Civic?

The oxygen sensors in your car ensure that the fuel supply and ignition are working together properly. In a Honda Civic, these sensors are located before and after the catalytic converter. If they ... Read More »