How to Check Electric Brakes on a Horse Trailer?

Answer Electric trailer brakes are designed to slow a trailer and usually cannot lock up the trailer's wheels when it's loaded. That's why It is important to tow with a heavy duty vehicle. The tow vehicl... Read More »

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How to Add Electric Brakes to a Trailer?

One way to improve the stopping distance of a vehicle with a trailer is to install electrically controlled brakes on the trailer's hubs. These brakes receive signals from a brake controller mounted... Read More »

Inertia Vs. Electric Trailer Brakes?

Dangerous says most states have regulations governing trailers weighing more than 3,000 pounds. There is little if any regulation for trailers weighing under 3,000 pounds. If a trailer... Read More »

How to Test Electric Trailer Brakes?

The heart of a trailer's electrical brake system is the controller, which feeds current into the system and through the electromagnets in the brakes. Once energized, these magnets attach to the bra... Read More »

How to Repair Electric Trailer Brakes?

Electric trailer brake systems utilize a magnet to spread the brake shoes against the brake drum, which slows the trailer down. In most cases problems with electric trailer brakes occur either beca... Read More »