How to Check Differential Fluid Levels?

Answer Keeping the fluids in your vehicle’s differential, especially in 4-wheel drives, is very important to the life of the ring and pinion set inside. If your vehicle is just factory stock, 90 weight... Read More »

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How Often Should I Check My Rear Differential Fluid?

Curls add definition to many different hair styles, but they can be short-lived in many hair types. If you want to style your little girl's hair into curls that will last, but you aren't comfortabl... Read More »

How to Check Front Differential Fluid?

Differential fluid is a key component to the proper functioning of your vehicle and as with all other fluids, it is important to check and change the differential fluid often. This is usually recom... Read More »

How to Check Car Front Differential Fluid?

Your car's front differential transmits power from the engine and transmission through a set of gears to your front wheels. Depending on the make and model of your car, you might have an automatic ... Read More »

How to Check the Differential Fluid in a Dodge RAM 1500?

Dodge designed the Ram 1500 with two-wheel and four-wheel drive options. The four-wheel drive options use a transfer case and front and rear differentials. The front and rear differentials operate ... Read More »