How to Check Comprehension of ESL Students?

Answer Learning a foreign language can sometimes make students feel exposed, awkward and inadequate. For these reasons, it is unlikely that a student who is struggling in the class will ask the teacher to... Read More »

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Ideas on Comprehension for ELL Students?

ELL, or English Language Learners, are students whose first language isn't English. Many often face academic struggles as they learn to read and write in a new language while adapting to a new cult... Read More »

Comprehension Activities for 5th Grade Students?

Reading comprehension can affect a child's performance in school and ability to learn. This vital skill influences a person's chances for success well into adulthood. Consequently, it's a wise idea... Read More »

Comprehension Questions for Primary Students?

Reading comprehension standards are different for each grade level, but some concepts are important for children to work on beginning in kindergarten and continuing all through primary school. Thes... Read More »

How to Test Students' Comprehension of Exponents?

An exponent is a basic mathematical term that students will learn in high school algebra classes around the country. If you've ever seen a number with a smaller number written just above and to the... Read More »