How to Check Chevy Truck Codes?

Answer If your Chevrolet truck is not running properly or the check engine light comes on, you may be able to determine what is wrong with it by checking the error codes in the truck's computer. Error cod... Read More »

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How to Look Up Trouble Codes for a Chevy Truck?

You can look up trouble codes for your Chevy truck right from your home garage, saving yourself time and money. You only need one tool to do the job: an On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) I or II code sca... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot Chevy Truck ABS Diagnostic Codes?

Accessing the ABS brakes diagnostic system in a Chevrolet Truck is a lot like accessing the On-Board Diagnostic system. The brakes undergo a constant series of self tests; once a problem is detecte... Read More »

How to Clear Computer Codes on a Chevy Truck?

Modern trucks have onboard computer systems that help alert you when there is trouble in the vehicle. When there is a problem, your truck's check engine light will go on. The trouble codes can be r... Read More »

How Do I Read Computer Codes on a 1997 Chevy Truck?

Reading the engine codes on a 1997 Chevy truck was standardized with the implementation of on-board diagnostics 2 (OBD-II) in 1996. This allowed repair stations and dealership service centers to us... Read More »