How to Check Car Shocks?

Answer Shocks are available in several varieties. The least-expensive shocks are the older, standard, oil-filled shocks. The problem with these stems from the fact that they fail once they become heated a... Read More »

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How to Check for Bad Shocks?

Your car's shocks, also known as shock absorbers, facilitate smooth driving by keeping the tires on the road and absorbing the movements of the car. Shock absorbers gradually wear out over time. Dr... Read More »

How to Check for Bad Shocks and Struts on a Car or Truck?

There is a minor difference between a shock absorber and a strut. Shocks are exposed in the suspension system, while a strut is mounted inside of a suspension coil spring. Other than that distincti... Read More »

How many months can somebody hang on to a check before that check is void?

Most US banks 'stale date' a check after 6 months. Check with your bank, but that usually means they will not honor it after that point.

How Do I Check the Check Engine Light on a 2003 Chrysler Town and Country 3.8L?

Chrysler's 2003 Town and Country is a large-sized minivan with front-wheel drive. The 3.8-liter is the standard engine size, with a 20-gallon tank that gets 23 miles to the gallon on the highway. T... Read More »