How to Check Brake Wear?

Answer Modern automotive brake systems are effective and reliable. The brakes work by generating friction, and the various parts involved will wear out over time. Brake pads and shoes wear out regularly, ... Read More »

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How to Check Car Brake Wear?

Ignoring brake problems can become a costly endeavor. Every vehicle will need routine brake jobs, performed at semi-standard intervals depending on how and where the vehicle is driven. If you blow ... Read More »

How to Measure Brake Wear?

Essential brake system components include the brake-fluid reservoir, the brake calipers, the master-cylinder seal, brake pads and brake rotors. If you know where these system units are located -- a... Read More »

How to Check Brake Pad?

Brake pad wear can be very dangerous to you if undetected. Your car may begin to drift to one side when braking or fail to brake at all. This can cause accidents and damage to other components of t... Read More »

Why Do Brake Shoes Wear Unevenly?

Uneven pad wear is indicated when one pad is wearing faster than the opposing pad on the same caliper. When one pad contacts the braking surface with more pressure than the other, uneven braking pr... Read More »