How to Check Blood Sugar of a Cat?

Answer Diabetes is a condition characterized by an inability to properly regulate blood sugar levels in the body. While this condition is common among humans, it may also occur in some cats. When left unt... Read More »

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How to Check Blood Sugar Levels?

If you're diabetic, the most important part of your day should be monitoring your blood glucose. Unmanaged diabetes can lead to a number of other complications, including kidney failure, coronary a... Read More »

How to Check for Blood Sugar Levels?

Choose one of the many ways to check your blood sugar levels. Ask your doctor to check your blood sugar levels for you. Your doctor can check your blood sugar levels easily any time you go in for a... Read More »

Is there a way I can check my fasting blood sugar at home?

I don't think so...but a lot of those commericals say you can get them for free and even if you have to pay for one...your life is worth it to you I'm sure!

Parents who check their Type 1 child's blood sugar?

Is their another way to clean the blood from your finger? Not in my house there isn't.