How to Check Automatic Transmission Fluids in GM Automobiles?

Answer Automatic-transmission fluid (ATF) is a specialized oil that provides lubrication for valve operation and gear processes in an automatic transmission. Checking the transmission solution on your GM ... Read More »

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How to Check the Fluids and the Drain Plug Location in a VW Jetta With Automatic Transmission?

Keeping a close eye on your transmission fluid and oil levels is a good way to protect your car from expensive damage. Regular checkups allow you to spot problems before they get worse. Checking th... Read More »

What Is the Difference Between Mercon & Dexron Automatic Transmission Fluids?

Automatic transmissions require fluid to lubricate the interior components. Driving conditions generate heat in the transmission. Automatic transmission fluid cools the transmission components and ... Read More »

How to Check the Fluids in a 1997 Ford Ranger Manual Transmission?

Check the manual transmission fluid level in your 1997 Ford Ranger at least twice annually to make sure the transmission isn't losing fluid. Even a small fluid leak can be debilitating to the ... Read More »

How to Check Automatic Transmission Oil?

Automatic transmission oil could be the life or death of your car's transmission. If not caught in time, an over- or under-filled transmission will cause drivability problems and ruin internal tran... Read More »