How to Check Aluminum for Stress Cracks With Magnaflux?

Answer A crack in an engine block can have disastrous consequences, but the cracks can be challenging to locate with the naked eye. Even a small crack has the potential to allow fluid leaks, depending on ... Read More »

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How to Check Aluminum Heads for Cracks?

The constant change in temperature causes cracks to form in aluminum heads. Cracking causes the head to lose pressure, resulting in lost power for your vehicle. When performing your own check for c... Read More »

How to Check for Hull Cracks With a Dye Pen?

The dye pen process, or technically called dye penetrant inspection, serves as a means to find cracks in a range of materials. It can pinpoint minute and small cracks that might be invisible to the... Read More »

How to Check for Cracks in an Engine Block?

Cracks in any engine are serious, and can lead to catastrophic failure if not discovered early and remedied. Cracks allow fluid and lubricant leakage into or out of engine parts they should not con... Read More »

Ways to Check the Engine Block for Cracks?

Cracks in blocks can be illusive and difficult to detect when they occur in areas that can't be seen or are so small they give no outward signs of poor engine performance. Used blocks from dismantl... Read More »