How to Check Alternator Voltage?

Answer The primary function of an alternator is to provide electricity to run a vehicle's electronic systems. The alternator provides power for everything from engine spark to air conditioning; it even ke... Read More »

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How to Check the Alternator Voltage on a Chevy?

Alternator voltage, whether it relates to your Chevy or any other vehicle, receives it control from a voltage regulator. The regulator ensures that voltage to the electrical equipment in your Chevy... Read More »

How to Check an Alternator With a Voltage Meter?

Alternators play a very valuable role in every vehicle electrical system. A vehicle's electrical system is made up of three major components: the battery, the alternator, and the voltage regulator.... Read More »

How to Reduce Alternator Voltage?

Reducing the voltage output of an alternator can save a deep-cycle or automotive battery from becoming overloaded and needing to be replaced. Be sure that you can afford a voltage drop in your syst... Read More »

How to Change the Voltage of an Alternator?

Alternators are responsible for turning mechanical motion into electrical energy, which is typically directed and stored in a battery. You may find yourself in a situation where the high voltage ou... Read More »