How to Check A/C Refrigerant?

Answer Checking your A/C refrigerant may prevent costly repairs according to Car Care's website. Your car's A/C, or air conditioner, cools with the help of a refrigerant. Cars manufactured after 1994 use ... Read More »

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The Best Way to Check for Refrigerant Leaks?

A refrigerant leak in your car's air conditioning system will cause the system to steadily lose cooling capacity until eventually all the refrigerant has escaped and cooling fails. Leaks can happen... Read More »

How to Check Refrigerant Charge?

The component connections in the automotive air conditioning system use rubber O-rings to seal the system. Over time, the seals can flatten out due to wear and heat. During the cold winter months, ... Read More »

How to Check the A/C Refrigerant Pressure Sensor?

If the air conditioning in your car is not pumping out cold air through the vents, you may need to recharge the refrigerant. Some cars have a warning light on the dash that indicates when the refri... Read More »

What is the difference between azeotropic refrigerant and zeotropic refrigerant?

Azotropic will only have one boiling or condensing point for each system pressure negligible fractionation or temperature glide will occur Zeotropic will have a range of boiling and condensing poi... Read More »