How to Cheat Using the Bottle Method?

Answer Don't you hate it when you're sitting in an office meeting or in class, you take a look at the clock, it's almost your turn to speak or start taking that test, you've forgotten everything and you d... Read More »

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How to Cheat Using a Cheat Sheet?

Worried about a test? Haven't revised properly? You can pull up your marks by taking notes into the exam.

How to Save Water While Flushing (Soda Bottle and Pebble Method)?

Toilets are one of the major uses of water. If you don't have a water-saving toilet, you can still save gallons of water every time you flush.

How to Make a Volcano With Eruptions (Small Water Bottle Method)?

Making a volcano eruption is simple and easy it only takes 15 minutes.

How to Get a Girl Using Using the Player Method?

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