How to Cheat On Grading Your Papers?

Answer Tired of getting marked wrong for an obvious answer that you knew? Was the whole answer messed up by a negative sign, or decimal in the wrong place? Then here's a little simple, easy, and cheap met... Read More »

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How to Stop Letting People Cheat off Your Papers?

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Tips on Grading College Papers?

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How to Make Your Own Grading Rubric?

The days of grading papers just by the teacher's thoughts with no hard evidence of how the student received a grade are gone. Rubrics provide teachers and students with a guideline of how a paper, ... Read More »

How Can Rubrics Help Streamline Your Grading Process at Community Colleges?

Grading rubrics are excellent tools for community colleges with large classes in core curriculum subjects like English composition. Rubrics are well-suited to manage the task of fairly grading larg... Read More »