How to Charge for Babysitting?

Answer Providing babysitting services can be a helpful way to augment your income. Caring for other people's children is also a good way to start learning responsibility and earning money while you are st... Read More »

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How to Know What to Charge for Babysitting?

How do you know what to ask to be paid to babysit? Is it fair? Too much? Too little?

How much do I charge for overnight babysitting?

i would choose 30-40 dollars for a night eg. 5pm-7amAnswer:5pm to 7pm is 14 hours so $30 to $40 is essentially $2 to $3 an hour (half a cup of coffee at Starbuck's or what was paid back in the '90'... Read More »

How to Put a Babysitting Charge to Sleep?

How do you put THIS to sleep?A babysitter's nightmare: The kid refuses to go to sleep! And when the parents pay you at the end of the night, you leave feeling ripped off, like you've endured more t... Read More »

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