How to Charge an R-12 Auto AC?

Answer If your automobile's air conditioner requires R-12 refrigerant, it was likely manufactured in 1983 or earlier. R-12 has since been determined to be a cause for depletion of the ozone layer in the a... Read More »

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How to Wire an Auto Generator to Charge an Auto Battery?

Most automobiles use alternators instead of generators to produce electricity to charge a battery as they are more efficient, require very little maintenance and produce a higher electrical output ... Read More »

How much to charge for auto detailing?

You should let your customers to see a list of the services that you will be performing when detailing their car. Typically, auto detailers charge around $40 an hour.Source:Rates for Automotive Det... Read More »

How to Measure & Charge My Auto AC?

If your vehicle stops blowing cold air, the most likely cause is refrigerant. The air conditioner on your vehicle works by storing compressed gas that absorbs heat. When you turn on your air condit... Read More »

How to Charge Auto AC Systems?

Charging the AC system after a repair requires a vacuum to be created in the system to remove moisture. As the vacuum develops and a negative pressure is felt, the boiling point of moisture is lowe... Read More »