How to Charge an LG Rumor Without a Charger?

Answer LG's original Rumor, Rumor 2 and Rumor Touch cell phones all get their power from rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. When the power level on this battery reaches five percent or less, a battery ic... Read More »

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I dont have my charger and myphone is dead and i CANT leave can i charge it without the charger!?

Uh, I don't think so. But I have the original razr phone and this is odd but whenever it dies on me, if i wait a lil while, I can turn it back on. It will actually work for a lil while longer as i... Read More »

How do you charge a Nintendo DSi without a charger or without letting it sit for several hours?

How to Charge a PSP Without the Charger?

If you've lost your PSP wall charger, you may be worrying about how you'll keep your PSP charged until you can get a replacement. Fortunately, there's more than one way to charge a PSP. If you have... Read More »

How to charge ipod 5 without charger?

If you have a compatible dock, you could use that.