How to Charge a SpyNet Watch?

Answer The JAKKS Pacific SpyNet Mission Video spy watch for children and teenagers receives power from a 400-mAh-capacity, 3.7-volt lithium-ion polymer rechargeable battery. Whether you need to charge thi... Read More »

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Can indoor lighting charge a solar watch?

It doesn't take much light to charge the average solar watch. In fact, indoor lighting is often enough. Even fluorescent lighting can do the trick. The international watch industry magazine Europa ... Read More »

Can indoor lighting charge a timex solar watch?

Timex Solar watches charge in natural light as well as indoor or artificial light. The Timex Men's Ironman Solar Shock Sport Watch is one of the more popular solar powered watches and has several o... Read More »

If I don't fully charge something when I charge it the first time, does that mean it won't hold a charge?

Put that battery in the charger, or whatever you use to charge it and leave it hooked up for at least 24 hours, no less. If not, in 3 months time you will be wondering "why, when I my battery says... Read More »

Do you have to charge your ipod fully or can you just charge it a little bit then charge the rest the next day?

Answeryou dont need to charge your ipod fully but if you dont it has a high chance of dying. its better for the battery if you charge it fully and then let it die completely.