How to Charge a Refrigerator Condenser?

Answer The air-conditioning unit within a refrigerator is composed of a fan, compressor and condensers, which are a set of coils that have refrigerant running through them to help defrost the appliance. I... Read More »

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How do I clean the condenser coils on a GE refrigerator?

Pull out the GE refrigerator from the wall. Unplug it and locate the coil cover at the bottom of the refrigerator. Take it off, using a screwdriver if necessary. Vacuum the coils with a nozzle atta... Read More »

How to Charge an AC Airflow Condenser?

The air conditioning system on your vehicle utilizes refrigerant to function properly. The refrigerant undergoes a continuous cycle from gas to liquid to create cold air. However, over time, refrig... Read More »

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How do you charge a refrigerator using a sight glass?

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