How to Charge a Marine Battery From a Car?

Answer A marine battery works much like a car battery and, depending on the size of the craft, can easily be charged by a car. Caution must be exercised: check to make sure the marine battery is 12 volts,... Read More »

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How long does it take to charge a marine battery?

Fully charging a marine battery takes at least several hours. Quick charging at a higher amperage takes less time, but can only achieve a 75 percent charge, enough to start an engine. Charging a ba... Read More »

How to Test the Charge in a Deep Cycle Marine Battery?

Nothing is more frustrating than turning on your boat's sound system and finding out, too late, that the deep cycle battery is as dead as a stone. You may check your deep cycle battery--the battery... Read More »

How to Charge a Car Battery From a Wall Outlet?

To charge your car battery using a wall outlet, you will need a car battery charger. Although there are minor differences in how different car chargers work, the overall process is the same. Althou... Read More »

How to Wire a Trailer Battery to Charge From a Vehicle?

Some trailers--such as recreational vehicles--contain an installed battery. Typically, these batteries are used to provide power for electrical appliances, lights or even for cooking.Most trailers ... Read More »