How to Charge a Battery Not Connected to the Car?

Answer A car's battery cannot charge if it is not installed in a car. Even when it is in a car, the alternator does not fully restore a battery's charge; it helps maintain a battery in good health, but af... Read More »

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How can I make a 6v external battery pack for Olympus E10 I'm thinking of using a UB645 6v 4.5 Ah battery connected to my external power jack.?

Sounds like it's possible, but without more information on the specific camera battery and the UB645 battery, there's a chance things `might` go wrong.But if you're wondering if it can be done, yes... Read More »

Can you charge ipod while headphones are connected?

Yes.Open in Google Docs ViewerOpen link in new tabOpen link in new windowOpen link in new incognito windowDownload fileCopy link addressEdit PDF File on

How to Charge a Kindle Connected to Ubuntu?

Plugging in a Kindle to your Ubuntu may not cause the device to charge. This article explains the steps you can take to charge your Kindle.

How to Charge a Car Battery on a Deep Cell Battery Charger?

All internal combustion engine cars today have lead-acid batteries under the hood that are used to crank the motor and start the engine. These batteries also supply the electrical power for all of ... Read More »