How to Charge a 7.2V NiMH 3300mAh Battery?

Answer Nickel Metal Hydride batteries (abbreviated to NiMH) are rechargeable batteries used to power cameras and other similar devices. RC enthusiasts use them in battery packs to power their model cars. ... Read More »

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Can a lithium ion battery be substituted by a NiMH battery?

Because all batteries deliver direct current, you can substitute one type of battery for another. You must keep in mind that different battery types provide different voltages and amperage. Lithium... Read More »

How to Charge NiMH Batteries?

NiMH and NiCad batteries are 2 of the most challenging batteries to charge properly and safely. These nickel-based batteries do not allow you set a maximum charge voltage, so overcharging can resul... Read More »

Can I charge NiMH batteries with an NiCd charger?

Although using an old NiCd charger with new NiMH batteries can work, it usually does not. NiMH batteries are extremely sensitive to overcharging, which occasionally happen with an NiCd charger and ... Read More »

What is the best discharge rate for NIMH battery?

To get the rated capacity, limit the discharge rate to 0.25C