How to Charge Lead-acid Batteries?

Answer Lead-acid batteries are used in cars and other items such as golf carts and wheelchairs as they are able to produce high energy at low voltage. Most lead-acid batteries produce 12 volts, but are ca... Read More »

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How to Discharge Lead Acid Batteries?

Lead-acid batteries are used to provide start-up power for automobiles and heavy equipment. However, a lead-acid battery will become discharged quickly if the battery must provide power to an elect... Read More »

How to Remove Sulfation From Lead Acid Batteries?

Sulfation is a natural chemical process that takes place, if lead-acid battery plates are exposed to air, or the specific gravity goes below 1.225. Sulfation occurs when soft lead sulfate, which is... Read More »

How to Prevent Sulfation in Lead Acid Batteries?

Sulfation is a normal occurrence within both lead-acid and deep-cycle batteries. A properly maintained and charged battery will reconvert small sulfur crystals into lead. Improperly charged or poor... Read More »

Are lead acid batteries destroyed after a certain point?

A 12V lead acid battery should be charged at 13.5V with a little variation for temperature.Each cell in a battery is 2.25V, so with 6 x cells that's 13.5VA battery at 9V has it's cells at 1.5V, pre... Read More »