How to Charge Crystals for Healing?

Answer Crystals are composed of tiny particles that are grown within the Earth. They carry certain vibrations that are specific to them. You can use crystals to promote inner healing and growth. Crystals ... Read More »

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How to Choose and Cleanse Crystals for Healing?

If you enjoy using alternative healing techniques to look and feel better, working with crystals may be ideal for you. Read on to learn how to find the right crystal for you, and how to cleanse the... Read More »

How to Charge Energy Crystals With the Moon?

Crystal charging is the opposite of clearing. Crystal clearing is used to rid crystal of unwanted energy or vibrations. Crystal charging is used to imbue crystal with positive feelings, vibrations,... Read More »

Are you a healing practitioner What is the best healing book you know of?

1) The Fourfold Path to Healing by Thomas Cowan, MD (anthroposophical medicine, with sections on causes of disease, and the need for animal food and healthy fats, which are amongst the BEST I have... Read More »

What should you do if you have crystals on the surface of your plaster pool and it's like 80 grit sandpaper and the plaster company says they're salt crystals and need to be sanded off?

Get your water tested and in check. You have too many solids in the water. Start brushing your pool daily as you correct the chemical imbalance. This will help loosen and remove the crystals from y... Read More »